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SCSI Card enables Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) storage devices like hard disk drive, CD ROM Drive, Scanner,etc. to connect with the operating system. It is also known as SCSI controller. It is an industry standard computer interface that communicates with your system through a common SCSI bus. This PC interface card is usually installed in an expansion slot. There are two types of SCSI cards – Simple cards for low performance and High-end cards fopr maximu performance

Main Features of SCSI Card

  • Some SCSI cards allows connection of up to maximum 21 hard drives on a single card, although the typical number of devices that can be attached to one card is 7.
  • SCSI Cards work best for small and medium-scale businesses.
  • It supports bootable arrays for delivering high data transfer rates.
  • There are high performance I/O cards that offer improved data transfer rate (about 160 mb/sec).

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